ooooooooooh my god!!! I forgot I had $20 left on my school card!!!

im trying to get a job at subway for fucks sake

I only have about $25 left until i get a job the manager i talked to today sounds interested but i need to be interviewed by their supervisor and then i might have a job. If I do get this job I won’t have that much to spend for a few weeks so I’m thinking about getting a free bus pass from my college and then just eat top ramen for a few weeks.

homealonethree replied to your post: go the fuck to sleep already i want to…

HI GABE I was wondering where you were HI

yeah i had a job interview and then i spent the day at my friend’s place

go the fuck to sleep already i want to eat dinner


this racoon was in our yard today my dog was barking up a STORM

hey its me gabe unclefloyd

eh im back home i did an interview im going to need another interview and then i might have a job

im crying again i dont know why anymore

i have an interview at 2

the manager finally picked up and i was so shocked i starting stuttering and making an ass out of my self